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Worry Is Pointless (Nothing to Worry About)

Today we all have different jobs, passions, goals, visions, and preferences in life. But there is one thing common in all human beings, i.e., the habit of worrying. Have you ever found yourself filled with tension and anxious thoughts? If yes, then you are, too, a victim of worry.

The funniest thing about this habit is that we tend to worry about things that we can’t change. Sometimes, we get so indulged in worrying that it becomes hard for us to overcome our thoughts and feeling. It just steals joy and happy moments from our lives. Include positive thinking in your attitude because worry is pointless.

 Expect giving white hair and wrinkles early in life; worry will not give you anything. You can follow a few practices in your daily lives to have positive energy and a “worry-less” attitude throughout the day. You can begin with YouTube. Channels like MENTAL OPULENCE can help you in building positive thinking, self-control, and discipline towards life.


Focus on your present:

Focusing and living in the present is the key to avoid worry. You might have some guilt attached to your past or have high aspirations for the future. But remember, you do not have control over either of them in your present.

Meditate daily:

With worry, there comes anxiety, stress, and restlessness. But mediation can help you in releasing all your stressful thoughts, which leads to worry. If you are a beginner at meditation, then you can start with a guided meditation. Spare a few times in the morning for relaxation and meditation, and you will feel a wave of calm and bliss throughout the day.

Appreciate yourself:

It is okay to be not everyone’s favourite but do you like yourself? Do you appreciate your life and your choices every day? If no, then you might worry about everything in your life. You must have enough confidence in yourself so that you do not wait for others’ appreciation. While practising meditation, repeat positive affirmations. Follow MENTAL OPULENCE on YouTube, and learn how to appreciate and motivate yourself each day.


Stop overthinking:

Worry comes from overthinking, and sometimes you might fail to identify when you start overthinking. Make sure that you are not giving more than required attention to other’s opinions. You may have few people in life who share different opinions on various matters. So, you must stop thinking it over and break the habit of worrying.

Start accepting:

You need to understand that worrying about something will not change even one percent of it. Instead, start accepting every situation as it is so that you can reduce anxiety and stress. Acceptance will help you in getting rid away from complaining. This will make you a happy person full of positivity and peace.

Make a journal:

It would help if you made a worry journal to write all your worries in it. Before having a deep sleep at night, make sure you pen down all your worries so that you can start fresh and a blissful day the next morning. Writing your thoughts will help you in analyzing whether they are really important to you or not. Remember, worry is pointless, and it is better to have a peaceful mind than a racing one.

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