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Trust Your Intuition – Hypnosis Meditation

Hello and welcome to Mental Opulence Have you ever struggled with trusting your gut and your intuition? Do you find it difficult to focus on your intuition and can not separate it from other voices in your head? Don’t worry this article is a hypnosis meditation about trusting your intuition. So what is intuition? Intuition is knowing the right answer without obvious deliberation.

Intuition always guides you to the right path. Your inner self knows the answer to all your problems. But it is very important to separate it from the other noises in your head and identify your intuition. You will know that it is your intuition when you have no confusion about it and you have peaceful surety and certainty without the agitation of reasoning or logic. Now when you understand the meaning of intuition, let’s learn to separate it from other voices in your head and start trusting your intuition.
















Get to a comfortable position. Sit straight or lie down. Either sit on the ground or lie on your bed. Wherever you are comfortable. Close your eyes. Now take a deep breath. Inhale a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Take in another deep breath and exhale slowly. With every exhaled breath you are letting go of the resistance. You let go of all the grudges and resentments no matter to whom they belong. Inhale another deep breath. You let go of all the ill thoughts about other people as you exhale slowly. Be gentle with yourself. Be very gentle. Now observe the mental chatter that is going on in your mind.

Observe your thoughts and gently detach with your thoughts. Let your thoughts be like clouds over your head passing freely. Keep taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Observe any self-judgment that is coming up. Be gentle and detach from self-judgment. You are thinking positively at this moment. Observe any body tension that is coming up. As you are observing your body tension they will start to dissolve. Your body is very comfortable right now. You feel gratitude for everything in your life. You feel grateful to be alive.

Feel the gratitude at this moment. Now imagine a ball of light inside your body. This beautiful light has positive energy that heals wherever it travels. This healing light is slowly moving across your body on the inside. This light is being guided by your higher inner self. Healing as it moves and eliminating tension in the muscles. Your body feels deep relaxation. Now imagine that you have two options in front of you. Two paths and you don’t know where they lead. I ask you to observe both paths. Now choose one path. Choose the path you are guided towards. Now accept that your intuition is guiding you towards the right path. Now walk the path and trust your intuition. Notice the details of the path and the destination where it leads. Trust your intuition.



Trust your gut feelings and feel the joy of being guided by a higher inner self. Feel the familiarity of the path you are walking, trusting your intuition. Feel the emotions. Trust what you are experiencing right now. Trust your feelings. Observe how it feels in your body. Take in positive energy from the path. Take in the guidance from the surroundings. Tune in. Keep observing the path. Suddenly you will see this is the right path. The path that you always wanted and dreamed of. This is the correct path that you needed to choose for this time. You are feeling how it feels to trust your intuition. Keep noticing where the path leads while exhaling another deep breath. You are reaching your destination. You are flowing so blissfully along the way, taking in all the goodness from the path you chose. Your path was so easy for you. You overcame all the hurdles so easily. Now you have come to a point so close to your destination and the joy fills your soul. You walk ahead and get to your destination of what you always wanted. Now stop for a moment at the place of your destination and praise yourself for choosing the right path and trusting your intuition. Feel the reward you got at the end of walking this path. You are feeling right now that the reward in the end is worth walking the path. Now you will see how the other path was a wrong choice. Standing at the point of your destination you will see how the other path was blocked and full of hurdles. You are overwhelmed right now by the realization of choosing the right path. Just stay in the moment and feel the positive energy flowing through your whole body. The positive energy flows through your body into the surroundings around you.



This positive energy is healing you and your surroundings. This positive energy is replacing all the negatives in your surroundings. Your space is being replenished with positive energy that flows through your body. Take another deep breath and release slowly. Now repeat after me either aloud or in your mind. I trust myself. I trust my gut feelings. My intuition always tells my body what is right for me. My inner self knows all the answers and solutions. I let go of the agitation of question-asking. I feel so relaxed and content. I accept everything as it is. I always make the right decisions full of wisdom and love. I feel all my emotions. I trust myself. Positive healing energy fills me. I value myself by trusting my intuition. I can listen to my intuition. I am easily separating my intuition from the voices in my head. I love myself for always making the right choices. I love myself for trusting my intuition every time.

My intuition guides me in the right direction. Every Time I am confronted with a decision-making situation I listen to my intuition. I have high self-esteem. I give out positive energy and positive energy is attracted to me in the form of people, circumstances, and opportunities. Positive thinking is replacing my old thinking patterns. Positive thoughts are replacing the old negative debris. I am loved. I give out love. Love is attracted to me. I am trusting myself right now. I am trusting my intuition. I am trusting my gut feelings at this moment. A surge of joy and positive energy flows through me as I am trusting myself. I feel peace and bliss right now at this moment. Now open your eyes. Remain in this state for a while. Feel your body being renewed. With your eyes open and full awareness, feel and notice the positive energy around you in your current surroundings. You are fully connected with your intuition as your forever guide. That’s it for today’s meditation. We hope this article helped you with trusting your intuition. Read to it as often as you can and see the changes in yourself every time. Try reading it before sleep to have a blissful sleep. You might fall asleep reading this hypnosis meditation. With every passing day, you will become a better person. Since you read until the end, then you would love to watch similar videos on the Mental Opulence YouTube channel which can potentially help you. We read your comments which you leave for us. Make sure you leave one. Thanks for your attention.

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