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Things Money Can’t Buy

In today’s scenario, everyone is just running behind money. But do you really think that money is all you need? Though money can buy a lot of necessary things for your basic survival, but there’s a harsh truth as well that money can’t buy everything. To have a more precise understanding of it, you can visit the YouTube channel MENTAL OPULENCE, where you will surely get to know about this deeply.

Benjamin Franklin once said- “Money has never made a man happy, nor it will; and there’s nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of money one has, the more one wants.” These wordings of Benjamin Franklin may sound a bit harsh at first go, but this is the unseen reality of our life.

Buy money To live a life with blissful peace and to be happy, we need to have enough money to fulfil our basic needs. But the bottom line is that money can’t buy everything. In fact, many things are essential for our blissful relaxation, well being, blissful peace, and happiness that can’t be purchased with money. If you don’t believe this fact, then have a look at the 3 most essential things in life that money can’t buy!


  • Happiness: No matter what the condition is, but money can’t buy happiness ever. There are times when the lives of numerous wealthy people become miserable, and they are not happy in their lives and even in their careers. So, it is clear that you might have a lot of money, but you can’t buy happiness with it because happiness comes from inner peace and relaxation.


  • Time: If you are a millionaire and you want to have some spare or free time to spend with your family, then think once – can you buy time from money? No matter how rich or wealthy you are, you cannot get back the time once it’s gone. The reality is, time is free for everyone, yet one can use it but not own it. Even though you may be the wealthiest person in this world but you will never get back each passing second of time. You can get more money, but you can never get more time. So, always remember that time is much more valuable than money.


  • Love: As strange as it may sound, money can’t buy love, and it is the reality. For inner peace and relaxation, everyone wants to be loved, but what if you don’t have anyone who loves you? Do you think that the money you have can buy love for you? The answer is absolutely no. Though money can help you make good memories with the person, you love, but in the absence of love, all your money cannot help you build a strong and stable relationship. Thus, no matter what, but money can never buy love.

Making money can help you in making life easier, better, and comfortable but having the wrong belief that money can buy everything may harm your life more than any good. Making more money is something that we all should do in order to achieve our aims and goals but prioritizing making money as a purpose of life and believing that it can buy everything is wrong. More than money, happiness, time, and love are all you need for inner peace and relaxation.


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