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Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body.

The world today is very hectic, everyone is in a rush. Everyone has deadlines to meet. It is very common for people to forget to check in on themselves. When you lose touch with your mind and body, it is easy to get sucked into the negativity of the world and lose quality deep sleep and blissful peace. 

All of this is preventable through natural ways. It can be prevented through guided meditation and hypnosis. You no longer need to join a meditation class if you are one of those people who hate a crowd or just prefer a one on one experience. There are plenty of videos available to access online that take you through the step to step guided meditation.

Meditation will help you fall asleep faster and acquire blissful sleep. You can also listen to sleep music to help you fall asleep faster and mute your mind. Let us tell you why you should meditate and how it is better than sleep medications.

Relaxing your mind and body

It may seem difficult to tune out all the loud voices in your head, going over events that took place throughout the day, and just thinking about problems that you are facing. It certainly is hard but not impossible. You can train your mind to go silent, when needed, through meditation and get a deep night’s sleep. Meditation helps increase the melatonin level in your brain which in return helps to fight insomnia and give quality sleep.

Apart from meditation, you can try yoga. Do yoga daily in the morning to strengthen your mind and develop greater control over your thoughts. This will not only relax your mind but it will also relax your body. Different Yoga Techniques help relax different parts of the body. 

You can also try taking a hot bath before sleeping, it is a very common practice because a hot bath helps soothe your muscles and release tension in them. If your muscles are loosened up, so is your body, which ultimately means, so is your mind!

Sleep hypnosis is also another way you can achieve blissful sleep. It is a very safe way to drift off to deep slumber. It helps you achieve a state of induced relaxation. Sleep hypnosis can do more than just relax your mind and body! It can also help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. Sleep hypnotherapy tricks your mind into thinking everything is okay, so you do not feel symptoms like danger and paranoia. 


You can use the following methods to induce sleep:

  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Meditation.
  • Melatonin inducing foods and vitamins.
  • Hot bath.
  • Sleep music.

The best place to listen to meditation videos is the Mental Opulence channel on Youtube

Health Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation isn’t only to acquire a peace of mind or blissful sleep; it has countless health benefits too. It helps prevent and control many diseases. Some diseases are mentioned below:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: IBS is connected with your state of mind and meditation helps relieve your brain of tension, this directly lessens the symptoms of IBS.

High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is often caused by stress and anger. Meditation helps to calm your nerves which simultaneously lowers blood pressure.

Asthma: Asthma is mostly triggered under hectic situations. All of this has a connection to your brain and like we mentioned before, your brain can be controlled through meditation.

Some other diseases meditation helps control are:

  • Chronic pain.
  • Tension headaches.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Heart disease. 

Meditation promotes a healthy heart, mind, and body. If your overall health is balanced, you are automatically less prone to numerous diseases.

What is sleep music?

Not many are familiar with sleep music. Now, you can find music made just to help you sleep. There are several apps that provide you with a whole lot of sleep music and bedtime stories. These apps also help you meditate and do breathing exercises. 

Sleep Music is the kind of music that calms your mind down. It sends a signal to your brain receptors that turn off the paranoia button and makes you feel like you are safe and sound. It can be the chirping of birds, listening to rainfall, heavy waterfall, Fireplace, the sound of a heartbeat, or even sounds of animals or electronics. 

So now its time to go to Mental Opulence on YouTube to enjoy an effective meditational or relaxation video session.

Our mind connects these sounds to good times, or happiness and releases serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin is exactly what we need to sleep, which people suffering from insomnia lack.  

You do not need to go for sleep medications anymore to sleep. These pills do more harm than good, making you dependent on them for your natural functions. The natural and safe way for you to try is meditation and sleep music. You will be healthy and blissfully sleeping in no time.

Our mission is to produce the very best Motivational videos and Relaxational videos where several methods are used to help you with those mental challenges of life reach Mental Opulence. We all go through life dealing with the stressors of on a daily basis, so here's a treat to help you relax with guided meditations or enjoy hypnosis or simple nature sounds. It's time to Win at life... starting with self care of the mind.

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