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Life Is 20% of the Events That Occur To Me, And 80% My Interpretation of Those Events

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself,” What are the small things that make a big difference in my life?” If yes, then you know about the Pareto Principle, more commonly called the 80/20 Principle, and if not, then you are in the right place.
80/20 Principle is a naturally observed phenomenon according to which 80 percent of the result is observed in the 20 percent of the effort. It applies to most of our habits and routines. Even our mental condition can be explained by this.

If you attend a guided meditation session on MENTAL OPULENCE, you’ll realize that 80 percent of your worries and stress root from just 20 percent of your life events. It can be the worry of an exam or the stress of an upcoming expense, or even an upcoming appointment with a doctor.
In the end, it all gathers down to having the self-awareness of pausing for a while in a day and reflecting back on the small things that impact your mental stability in a big way. If you can successfully do this, you will realize that your daily experiences are just 20 percent of your life while the rest 80 percent is your interpretation of those events. Your exam can be a month away, but you can sulk for the entire month just thinking about how painful it is to study.
We can achieve this self-awareness by using some of the techniques below:
Guided Meditation:
It is rightly said that you should know thyself, and guided meditation sessions on platforms like MENTAL OPULENCE help you do just that. Sit and think about all the things that make you happy or stressed, and that will help you sieve out those 20 percent of the pain-points and hence work on improving them.
As simple as it may sound, a good sound 8-hour sleep will help you get rid of all the mental fog that clouds your judgment and make you tensed for even trivial things like worrying about toilet-paper. A sound deep sleep induces a REM sleep cycle, which increases the effectiveness of your sleep on your body’s healing capacity on a huge scale.

Take things slow:
Our daily lives have become so fast that we tend to forget the joys and pleasures of our journey. We have to keep reminding ourselves that happiness lies in the journey itself and not the end result. The people and experiences we have on the sidelines of this journey is what makes us truly happy and content.
Good food:
The source of our life energy is the food we eat, and thus it directly impacts our mental and physical well-being. A good, hygienic, and nutritious meal can make you happy just by having it for a day or two. Long term benefits of a healthy meal are at par with good exercise, and if both are done with a balance, it can lead to a mind-body equilibrium you have never experienced before.
Including positive thoughts in your daily life will help you in having relaxation at the end of the day. Try to respond to situations instead of reacting to them. You will see your problems having a backseat in life.

Our mission is to produce the very best Motivational videos and Relaxational videos where several methods are used to help you with those mental challenges of life reach Mental Opulence. We all go through life dealing with the stressors of on a daily basis, so here's a treat to help you relax with guided meditations or enjoy hypnosis or simple nature sounds. It's time to Win at life... starting with self care of the mind.

We are here for you… your mind rules everything about you so it must be healthy and operating at its opulence. Listen to our motivational videos to succeed. Get inspired with a powerful motivational speech. Proper motivation can energize your mind to never quit but succeed. Revitalize those dreams or goals you once had. Listen now and show support.

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