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Expand Yourself

Are you waiting for a guiding angel to come into your life and make things better? Well, if yes, then you might need to burst this bubble of thought. You need to remind yourself that your life will only become better when you will DO something about it. Work on expanding yourself and the rest will follow on its own.

If you ever find yourself shrinking from your life’s challenges, then it is the time to seek opportunities that can help you bring positive energy into your life. You are not required to make a complete shift in your lifestyle; rather, following few practices will improve many aspects of your life. It is vital to maintain your wellbeing so that you can find the meaning of your life and expand your horizons.

Life is dynamic, and often you might find yourself in a static phase when you experience nothing but the same burdensome feeling every day. But you do not have to pause and indulge yourself in this feeling. You need to have a “keep-going” attitude and win over your situations.

 Always remember that you are born to create a life that you wish for yourself and not get limited by the problems that life throws at you. When you try to expand yourself, you become more inclusive and see the larger part of your life. You can only become the best version of yourself when you are not confined to your comfort zone.

Expand Yourself


Here are some useful tips mentioned that might help you in expanding yourself:


You can start by guided meditation; when you follow positive instructions, your mind will start having a positive mental image of yourself and encounter blissful peace. YouTube channels like MENTAL OPULENCE have many videos on guided meditation and relaxation.

When you make time for your mind, soul, and body, you will experience positive energy in your life. Before sleeping at night, listen to deep sleep hypnosis audios; it will calm your thoughts and make you feel much relaxed the next day.

Make time to learn a new skill:

When you start learning a new skill, you develop a sense of confidence in yourself as you experience mastery of that skill. You will witness a change in your perception while learning new things. The idea is to entertain your mind a bit while discovering something unfamiliar.

Read more books:

A book has the ability to change your perspective. Good books will help you in widening your horizon. Do not restrict your reading to a particular genre. You might discover a whole new personality of yourself while devouring yourself into books.

Meet new people:

To grow, you need to meet new people in life. Start surrounding yourself with people who have different perceptions of life. It will allow you to see the world with a different mindset.

 To meet the best version of yourself, you need to make a few changes in your daily life. These changes might seem difficult in the beginning, but you need to trust that they will give tremendous results in the end. Visit MENTAL OPULENCE for your daily dose of motivation and inspiration. Remember, when you begin to expand yourself, you will find that the universe will guide you in its own way to become a better person in life.

Our mission is to produce the very best Motivational videos and Relaxational videos where several methods are used to help you with those mental challenges of life reach Mental Opulence. We all go through life dealing with the stressors of on a daily basis, so here's a treat to help you relax with guided meditations or enjoy hypnosis or simple nature sounds. It's time to Win at life... starting with self care of the mind.

We are here for you… your mind rules everything about you so it must be healthy and operating at its opulence. Listen to our motivational videos to succeed. Get inspired with a powerful motivational speech. Proper motivation can energize your mind to never quit but succeed. Revitalize those dreams or goals you once had. Listen now and show support.

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