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Courage to Be Rich

Courage and fear are the two sides of the same coin, and there’s a fine line separating one from another. At one moment, you might feel like you are the king of the world, but the next moment, there might be a feeling of impending doom upon facing a small difficulty. When we face these difficulties head-on, they become minuscule compared to their perceived difficulty, and we again emerge courageously.

This cycle of courage and fear goes on and on till we come to a realization of the fact that it is an unavoidable part of our life, and we have to be contented with it. If we want to achieve anything, we have to face this cycle of courage and fear and overcome it in order to improve ourselves. You might not get a deep sleep at night because of your financial status, but it is in your hands to take action to alter your situation. Platforms like MENTAL OPULENCE will help you in showing ways how you can take a stand for yourself.



Aspire to become rich also requires a great deal of courage as we tend to compare ourselves to the supremely wealthy people around us and think that we can never reach that place. But the truth here is that the first step to becoming rich is to have the courage to look at the place you want to be.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich, rightly said anything that the mind conceives and believes, it definitely can achieve. This is not just true for monetary wealth, but for anything, one wants to achieve in life. If you can think of yourself as a multimillionaire, you might become one someday. All that you need is a strong belief in your abilities. Practice meditation first in the morning to have positive energy and positive thoughts throughout the day. 

While thinking about becoming rich, make sure you are doing something to learn a new skill or talent. When you have something to offer to the world, you will be rewarded no matter what. In today’s time, it is not important to go to a world-class business school and get a high paying job. Instead, with your smallest talents, you can earn money and make your dreams a reality.

 Keep in mind that you do not hurt someone intentionally while trying to increase your bank balance. Surely there are many illegal ways to become rich in a short period of time. However, only a courageous person can work hard and make every penny count. Money earned with honesty will stay with you for your life, while illegally earned money will make you suffer all through your life.

Start with a plan, list all your strengths and abilities to help you live the life of your dreams. You have to keep yourself stronger and patient. Follow MENTAL OPULENCE  and learn how to motivate yourself each day so that you can be courageous enough to get rich.

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We are here for you… your mind rules everything about you so it must be healthy and operating at its opulence. Listen to our motivational videos to succeed. Get inspired with a powerful motivational speech. Proper motivation can energize your mind to never quit but succeed. Revitalize those dreams or goals you once had. Listen now and show support.

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