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Comfortable In Fear

The two primary and common motivating forces in life are- Love and Fear! When we are in love, we bloom and open to all the aspects that life has to offer with passion, relaxation, and blissful peace. Whereas on the other hand, when we are in fear, we basically pull back ourselves from life. If you want to know how to overcome your fears, then you can visit the YouTube channel MENTAL OPULENCE.


Fear is generally a normal human reaction that helps in protecting ourselves. It molds us and prepares us to deal with the danger that we are afraid of. But do you really know that fear can help you grow? Well, many of you might now think about how fear can be related to success or growth, right? Wait! We have got you covered.

The two primary and common motivating forces in life are- Love and Fear!


Fear is an essential and natural part of success and growth. Every time when we consciously make up our mind to step out of our comfort zone, the very next uncomfortable thing becomes a little more easier for us, and this is the main reason why we should always be comfortable in fear. Being comfortable in fear not only helps you in dealing with the things you are afraid of, but it will moreover help you to bloom and grow in life.


For being comfortable in fear, you need to have an inner peace that will surely motivate you to be relaxed and feel comfortable even in challenging situations. Meditation is the key element that can help you gather blissful peace and relaxation. So, make sure to make meditation a part of your daily routine because it will, for sure, help you in being comfortable in fear.


However, meditation alone may or may not help you in being comfortable with what you are afraid of. So, make sure to remember some more tips as well that will be a great fit with meditation to allow you to become comfortable in fear. Have a look!


  • Always remember that fear is an excellent thing to feel


Yes; always keep in mind that fear is a good thing to feel because it sets us up and prepares us for the most challenging adventures of life, and it moreover prepares us to be careful and alert. You must always remember that the problem is not the fear, but the problem is our thought and reaction to the feeling of fear. So, instead of being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, remember that fear is a good thing to feel, and it can help you move forward in life.

  • Learn That Fear Is Only In Your Mind


Fear is generally considered as an acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real. This clearly indicates that fear does not control us, but we can definitely control our fears. Whenever you start feeling afraid, make sure to acknowledge the fear, feel it, and then ask yourself- “what will happen if you did this?” After getting an answer to this question, make sure to keep in mind that it is fine to feel afraid, but it is definitely wrong to allow fear to control your mind. So, learn that fear is only in your mind and be comfortable in fear the next time when you come across any such situation.


If you want to know more such amazing tips relating to how to be comfortable in fear, then you can visit to the YouTube channel MENTAL OPULENCE, where you can find related videos that will definitely help you with it!